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​"From two of the most exciting new artists in jazz, this recording is the embodiment of modern and melodic jazz ... Certain European aesthetics – evident in  Fonnesbak's Danish Rain and John Lennon’s Imagine – merge perfectly with Kauflin’s potent American jazz and the beautiful grounds in between" -Storyville Records

Danish Rain by Thomas Fonnesbaek & Justin Kauflin

Danish Rain (2023)

Thomas Fonnesbaek & Justin Kauflin

1.  Danish Rain

2.  Everything I Love (Cole Porter)

3.  Windows (T. Fonnesbaek)

4.  Falling Grace (T. Fonnesbaek)

5.  You Must Believe in Spring (Michel LeGrand)

6.  Cakewalk (Oscar Peterson)

7.  Imagine (John Lennon)

8.  Country Fried (Justin Kauflin)

9.  Driftin' (Herbie Hancock)

"The finale 'Thank You Lord' is a bona fide gospel statement.  Kauflin's piano runs have soulful accents and the listener can feel the heartfelt emotion" -Audiofile Audition

Vinyl album and album cover of "Justin Kauflin Trio Live at Sam First"

Justin Kauflin Trio Live at Sam First (2023)

Justin Kauflin, Dave Robaire, Mark Ferber

1.   Coming Home (intro)

2.   Coming Home (Justin Kauflin)

3.   Exodus (Justin Kauflin)

4.   You Do Something to Me (Cole Porter)

5.   Candy (Justin Kauflin)

6.   Tempest (Justin Kauflin)

7.   No Matter (Justin Kauflin)

8.   Country Fried (Justin Kauflin)

9.   Come Thou Fount of Many Blessings (Hymn)

10. Thank You Lord (Justin Kauflin)

Cover for the single "Flow Freely," theme song for the documentary "Reflection - A Walk with Water"

Flow Freely (2021)

Theme song for the documentary "Reflection - A Walk with Water"

Jacob Collier & Justin Kauflin

"Kauflin would seem to have transferred much of that early discipline (classical violin & piano) to his limpid, lively – yet, once again, thoughtful – pianism, delivered here with both an unerringly classy touch and a correspondingly elegant quality of line..." - Jazz Journal

Album cover for Standards.  Abstract black and white design.  Fonnesbaek and Kauflin

Standards (2020)

Thomas Fonnesbaek & Justin Kauflin

1.  Bouncing with Bud (Bud Powell)

2.  Take the A Train (Duke Ellington/Billy Strayhorn)

3.  How Deep is the Ocean (Irving Berlin)

4.  In a Sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington)

5.  Whisper Not (Benny Golson)

6.  Inception (McCoy Tyner)

7.  Round Midnight (Thelonious Monk)

8.  Nigerian Marketplace (Oscar Peterson)

9.  It's Alright with Me (Cole Porter)

Candy looking at Bethlehem (artwork by 5-year old) Christmas Candy cover

Christmas Candy (2019)

Justin Kauflin solo (EP)

1.  Let It Snow

2.  Silent Night

3.  Winter Wonderland

4.  I'll Be Home for Christmas

5.  Sleigh Ride

6.  White Christmas

"Kauflin's execution, his ability to ripple waves of notes from the keyboard flawlessly and evoke colorful meadows of sound is unquestionably superb ..." -DownBeat Magazine

Album cover for Coming Home.  Swirls of red, blue, green, and purple with gold mixing in.  These are the colors in Justin's mind's eye when he hears music

Coming Home (2018)

Justin Kauflin, Corey Fonville, Alan Parker, Chris Smith

(Produced by Quincy Jones, Derrick Hodge, Justin Kauflin)

1.   Coming Home (Justin Kauflin)

2.   Looking Forward (Justin Kauflin)

3.   Pendulum (Justin Kauflin)

4.   Transition (Justin Kauflin)

5.   Lost (Justin Kauflin)

6.   Country Fried (Justin Kauflin)

7.   John My Beloved (Sufjan Stevens)

8.   Present Day (Justin Kauflin)

9.   Strawberry Fields (John Lennon)

10. Somethin' Somethin' (Hodge/Kauflin)

11. Somethin' Somethin' Revisited 

12. Carousel (Mulgrew Miller)

13. Strawberry Fields Solo (John Lennon)

"Kauflin's playing is not just precise technically but absolutely crystalline in execution, and he holds nothing back intellectually. Rather than show off, like so many jazz pianists today, he is more concerned with creating musical structures that have walls, ceilings and floors" - Jazz in Europe

profiles of fonnesbaek and kauflin

Synesthesia (2017)

Thomas Fonnesbaek & Justin Kauflin

1.   Synesthesia (Thomas Fonnesbaek)

2.   Lost (Justin Kauflin)

3.   It's Alright with Me (Cole Porter)

4.   For No One (Paul McCartney)

5.   Panic Attack (Fonnesbaek)

6.   Waiting (Fonnesbaek)

7.   Semiosis (Fonnesbaek)

8.   Nigerian Marketplace (Oscar Peterson)

9.   Skybound (Justin Kauflin)

10. Catwalk (Fonnesbaek)

"I'm SO proud of Justin for creating this absolutely stunning Christmas album as a representation of his journey to find peace in any situation he encounters ...  find purpose in your pain & use it as  fuel to encourage those around you ..." - Quincy Jones

Child's painting of Christmas tree superimposed upon wooden cross.  Silent Night in red Script

Silent Night (2017)

Justin Kauflin

1.   In the Bleak Midwinter

2.   Fairest Lord Jesus/For the Beauty of the Earth

3.   Silent Night (feature guest Jacob Collier) 

4.   Anticipation - Meditation I (Justin Kauflin)

5.   Away in a Manger

6.  Holy Holy Holy

7.   Chorale - Meditation II (Justin Kauflin))

8.   O Holy Night

9.   Come, Thou Fount of Many Blessings

10. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

11. Hope - Meditation III (Justin Kauflin)

12. A Cradle in Bethlehem 

"... the exquisite nature of Justin Kauflin’s playing, so wise beyond his years and so wonderfully articulate that it is bordering on genius ...  Dedication is a testament to sheer brilliance of technique and unbridled imagination" - World Music Report

Profile of Justin Kauflin with harnessed Candy by his side.  Cover design by Chris Kauflin

Dedication (2015)

Justin Kauflin, Billy Williams, Chris Smith, Matt Stevens, Etan Haziza

Original compositions by Justin Kauflin

1.   Elusive

2.   B-Dub

3.   For Clark

4.   The Professor

5.   Epiphany

6.   Tempest

7.   No Matter

8.   Where Are You

9.   Up and Up

10. Lasting Impression

11. Mother's Song

12. Thank You Lord

Justin Kauflin smiling, at piano.  Cover design by Quincy Jones Productions

Justin Kauflin Live at EDYE Broad Stage (2013)

Justin Kauflin solo (EP)

1.   The Up and Up

2.   Carousel

3.   Mom's Song

4.   For Clark/Serenade to a Bus Seat

"With Introducing, Kauflin has immediately established himself as a stellar jazz player, composer, leader and producer. It is rare for a young musician to produce an album that displays the kind of music maturity in evidence here. He has a touch and imagination that is immensely appealing..." - Jersey Jazz

Black and White Justin Kauflin at piano, Justin's tie in red.

Introducing Justin Kauflin (2010)

Justin Kauflin, Phil Kuehn, Billy Williams, Etan Haziza, Tim Green

1.  The Covenant (Billy Williams)

2.  Exodus (Justin Kauflin)

3.  Delfeayo's Dilemma (Wynton Marsalis)

4.  A Day in the Life (Lennon/McCartney)

5.  Three for Glasper (Justin Kauflin)

6.  Return Trip (Mulgrew Miller)

7.  Be Thou My Vision 

8.  Lucid Thought (Justin Kauflin)

9.  Abide with Me 

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