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Concert Series


high-caliber, live jazz music to experience up-close and personal!  Admission is free, however a suggested donation of $10 is welcome and appreciated and goes towards the GSA Jazz Program.  The MacArthur Center parking garage is recommended as street parking is limited.

7 - 8:15 PM

Doors open at 6:30 pm

The Governor's School for the Arts

Miner Music Hall, 3rd Fl

254 Granby St., Norfolk, VA

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October 26, 2023

 Justin Kauflin  | Jeff Smith  |  Billy Williams  |  Joe Bussey 

FOR the first-ever GSA Jazz Night, we featured a very special band. Not only do I love playing with these guys, but they all have a special connection to the Governor’s School as well.


Jeff Smith was one of my first jazz instructors, and it’s been amazing to continue making music with someone who helped me take my first steps in this music.


I met Billy Williams a little later when he joined the GSA ranks, and he’s been putting up with my nonsense ever since. That’s my brother right there.


Fast forward about 20 years to meeting Joe Bussey and joining him here at the school to help bring this music to a new generation. It has been a tremendous gift to work alongside Joe and you couldn’t ask for a more swinging bass player.

Photos by Eddie Williams Photography

November 9, 2023

Eddie Williams  |  Emre Katari  |  Chris Brydge  |  Justin Kauflin

FOR the second installment of GSA Jazz Nights, we featured an awesome band that I’ve been playing with for a few years now.  When I first heard Eddie Williams performing with John Toomey, Howard Curtis, and Jimmy Masters, I was so blown away.  I couldn’t believe a player like him was living here in the 757.  He’s got an incredible approach to playing and I love the vision he has for creating a group sound. 


The band also happens to feature some of my most favorite people and musicians.  Chris Brydge on bass and Emre Katari on drums, with Eddie leading on sax.  Thanks to everyone for coming out, it was a full house with SRO!

Very special thanks to Roy Muth (GSA audio engineer), Dr. Shelly Cihak, Deborah Thorpe, and my bosses Amanda Gates and Stephen Coxe for all your support!

December 19, 2023


GSA Holiday Jazz Night w/special guests

Come on out to the Holiday Edition of GSA Jazz Nights. I'll be joined by a very good friend of mine visiting from Europe and inviting special guests to sit in for a few tunes.  It's going to be a lot of fun, so you don't want to miss this one!

January 25, 2024


Duo Pianos w/Justin Kauflin & John Toomey

For the 4th installment of GSA Jazz Night, we are welcoming ODU's "Jazz Prof," John Toomey, whose classes I was privileged to attend while at The Governor's School in 2002!

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