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Keep On Keepin’ On (KOKO) is an award-winning documentary that tells the incredible story of music legend Clark Terry, his beginnings as a trumpeter and pioneer in early American Jazz, and his mentorship of Justin Kauflin, a young blind pianist. One of Terry’s greatest passions was mentoring students; his first being Quincy Jones at age 12, bookended by one of his last, Justin Kauflin at age 17.

In honor of Clark’s memory, Quincy Jones (producer of Keep On Keepin’ On) has granted free digital downloads of the film. Through this outreach program, Quincy’s goal is to preserve Cee Tee’s message and legacy, as well as inspire young musicians and teachers alike, through screenings with Q & A, jazz clinics, student performances and Justin Kauflin Solo or Trio concerts.

“If you think you’re having a rough day or can’t escape from whatever hole life has dug for you, Kauflin’s worldview should give you a little perspective…Kauflin and Terry make a fascinating pair…These two men, 70 years apart, inspired each other, and that inspiration can be infectious”

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"Trinity students often have the benefit of witnessing music-making at the highest level by visiting professional musicians like Kauflin. “While for some students these visits offer a glimpse into music as a career,” said Rollins, “our overall goal is that these experiences inspire them to actively seek out what making music means to them and how they’ll incorporate that into their lives. It’s also very valuable in our view that students get to interact with the artists so that they realize they are regular people, in particular an artist like Justin who is only a few years older than the students, has a particular resonance.” -Trinity Episcopal IB Music

"Endless thanks for your bringing the Justin Kauflin Trio our way today. Justin, Matt, and Billy are not only extraordinary musicians but superb clinicians. Their session shared insights with our students in an honest, informative, and friendly manner that impressed our students personally and professionally. It was clear from the start that Justin had goals to accomplish within the session, offering performance and dialogue that he believed would be most effective with university-age students; and he targeted perfectly.


When I met with our top jazz band a couple of hours later, I asked the members to list the concrete advice received and the musical tips observed during that workshop. Their responses were numerous and deep. The Trio offered the kind of musical and personal conversations that strongly impact students, and our VCU students will benefit from this afternoon for a long time to come.


Personally, it was a delight to welcome each Trio member back to VCU, as each had been here before in different capacities. Having them in one ensemble, making such wonderful music and providing our students with such constructive thoughts, made our band room seem like the center of the jazz universe for those 90 minutes." - Antonio Garcia, Director VCU Jazz

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