keep on

keepin' on

Keep On Keepin’ On is the award-winning documentary that tells the incredible story of music legend Clark Terry, his beginnings as a trumpeter and pioneer in early American Jazz, and his mentorship of Justin Kauflin, a young blind pianist. 

One of Clark’s greatest passions was mentoring students; his first being Quincy Jones at age 12, bookended by Justin at age 17.  Through this outreach program, Quincy Jones’ goal is to preserve Cee Tee’s message and legacy, as well as inspire young musicians and teachers alike. Find out more at  Watch it now for free on Amazon Prime!

If you think you’re having a rough day or can’t escape from whatever hole life has dug for you, Kauflin’s worldview should give you a little perspective…Kauflin and Terry make a fascinating pair…These two men, 70 years apart, still inspire each other, and that inspiration can be infectious


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