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In light of recent events, I thought it a good idea to hit pause on updating my little video series.

I've always felt it should go without saying that I am firmly against racism and the systems in place that continue to perpetuate that evil.  But these days, it SHOULD NOT go without saying.  So, I just want to unequivocally state that I am indeed against it. Everything I strive for in life, from the music I aspire to create to the type of spirituality I want to embody, comes from, and is so perfectly exemplified, within the Black community.  I will never stop being grateful for the gifts they have brought to the world and how they continue to enrich so many lives in so many ways.

I am ashamed of my silence.  I am ashamed of the chasm of misunderstanding and hatred engendered by that silence.  In avoiding conversations I felt would have been “uncomfortable,” I’ve stanched any progress that could have been made.  It all starts at the human level, and in my ignorance, I’ve neglected to see that importance.  I hope, in these coming days, to further educate myself and to dedicate all I can to be a part of true and positive change in this country.  Please consider joining in, in any way you can.  I think it’s in the act of simply joining in that will be the most powerful.  #BLM #BlackLivesMatter #Peace



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