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Vinyl Release Tour

Hello All,

Just a head's up to folks in California. I'll be doing a short stint to celebrate the vinyl release of "Justin Kauflin Trio Live at Sam First." Hope to see you out there!

"Something that I’ve really grown to cherish about music is its ability to heal and its ability to help us transition in difficult times. After losing my sight by the age of 11, I noticed that the power of the music to transport me was incredible.

Fast-forward to these past couple of years ... we’re just not sure what to make of everything going on around us. And again, I’ve found that music is… the best! It really is. There’s just no replacement for it. There’s no comparing what music and sharing music can do." -JK

Justin Kauflin Trio Live at Sam First was recorded with a live audience in October 2021 and is now available in vinyl and digital formats at Sam First Records.

MAR 16 Libretto | Paso Robles, CA

MAR 17 Sam First | Los Angeles, CA

MAR 18 Sam First | Los Angeles, CA

MAR 19 Bach D&D | Half Moon Bay, CA

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