"... Justin Kauflin's ascent to world-renowned pianist built on blind faith"

"Kauflin, who attended the Vail Jazz Workshop in 2003, has traveled the world educating other countries about jazz (FEB 18, 2021)

Talk about the gift of sight and listeners immediately understand. Talk about the “gift of blindness” and prepare for confusion. When Justin Kauflin chatted with Vail Jazz Board member JoAnn Hickey about his ascent to that of world-renowned jazz pianist, he credits his visual impairment as an unconventional blessing...."

....“The thing that will always play a central role in the music that I create is my spirituality,” Kauflin said when asked what distinguishes him as a musician. “It’s music and spirituality for me, hand in hand. That’s the cornerstone of my music.”

For the complete article written by Sarah Valente (photo by John Toomey), click here: Vail Daily


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