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Dreams Change

Back in 2012, while my good buddy, Al Hicks was working on "Keep On Keepin' On," he asked if I might be interested in writing some temp music for them to use while editing the film. The process went a little something like this: (1) He would give me a general description of the mood or the tempo and ask me to send along anything they might be able to work with. (2) I would put together about 5 to 10 options and (3) they’d pick whatever fit best. It was an extremely rewarding and fascinating process to hear what he would choose to use and how it would fit the scene so well.

One piece of music that came out of that process is my song, "Dreams Change." It happens when CT decides to become a teacher and mentor to students rather than simply life as a performer.

I’m really happy with how it came out in a recent show in LA. Matt Witek played so beautifully. I’m especially fond of how he catches what I’m throwing his way at the end of the piece. Hope you enjoy! Dreams Change


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