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GSA Jazz Night w/Eddie Williams, Emre Katari and Chris Brydge

Really looking forward to the second installment of the GSA Jazz Nights series with an awesome band I’ve been playing with for a few years now. When I first heard Eddie Williams performing with John Toomey, Howard Curtis, and Jimmy Masters, I was so blown away. I couldn’t believe a player like him was living here in the 757. He’s got an incredible approach to playing and I love the vision he has for creating a group sound. If you’d like to hear how that sound is coming along, come out and join us this Thursday. Admission is free. The band features another group of some of my most favorite people and musicians. Chris Brydge on bass, Emre Katari on drums, and Eddie leading on all sorts of saxophones. We’d love to see you there!


Governor's School for the Art

Miner Music Hall, 3rd floor

254 Granby St.

Norfolk, VA

Time: 7-8:15 pm

*Note: Street parking may be difficult, so it is suggested to use MacArthur Center's parking garage. Miner Music Hall is on the 3rd floor.

Admission is free, suggested donation of $10 is welcome and appreciated, and will benefit the GSA Jazz Program.

Thank you!


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