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Hey Grammy friends, for your consideration. Thank you

"Contemporary trio jazz doesn't get much better than this set, recorded live at the Sam First cocktail bar and jazz venue, and released on the club's own label. The recording conveys both the musicianship of all concerned - pianist Kauflin, David Robaire on bass and drummer Mark Ferber - and the intimacy of the venue" -Hi-Fi News

"Youngest of the leaders is 37-year-old pianist Justin Kauflin, who has a touch inspired by Bill Evans on this trio session with Sam First manager David Robaire and Mark Ferber. His solo work is simply astounding, rich and thoughtful on the hymn “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” and a light through the stained glass window of “Candy.” The trio is reflective, as Robaire leads the way on “Thank You Lord” and sets the table for Kauflin’s splashes on “No Matter.” Ferber and Robaire propel the leader on Coming Home” and create a delicate ballet dance to the leader’s introduction to a rich “Exodus.” -Jazz Weekly

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