Quarantine Playlists

I hope and pray everyone is staying well during this extended pandemic. As you might be aware, I started my YouTube "Quarantine Series" in April and there are now 37 tunes which have been organized into 5 playlists. You can find them in the music section of my website or go directly to my Youtube Channel. Consider playing it in the background while you do your own "quarantine thing!"

Also, thank you to everyone who came to my first-ever attempt at live-streaming a concert! It was indeed a strange experience, but I do hope to attempt another soon. If you missed it, it is archived here: Facebook Livestream

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the playlists! It appears it's going to be a while, so they will most likely 'grow.' Please keep safe and well till we meet again! #quarantineseries

Quarantine Playlist




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