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Recording Finished!

Wow, wow, wow, what a wild couple days in the studio! I am completely exhausted! But, we got a lot of work done. Between the quartet with Tim Green on sax, the quartet with Etan Haziza on guitar, and the trio with Phil Kuehn and Billy Williams, we recorded a ridiculous amount of music. I said it was going to be a blast, and that was no lie! We had a great time in the studio.

I must admit though, it took us a minute to adjust to the studio setting. There is a lot to deal with when you’re in there, and the whole experience of playing music changes a great deal. For me, getting used to how everything around you sounds with headphones took some adjusting. On top of that, it took a while for my mind to get in the right place. It is very revealing when you have yourself recorded, and it takes getting used to.

It’s been one day since we recorded, and I am feeling pleased with what we’ve accomplished. The group sounded great, and it was a joy and a blessing to play with such outstanding musicians. These guys can take a rough sketch (and I mean ROUGH!) and turn it into something really special. The music with Etan eventually came together, and I think we’re all happy with the tracks with him.

When Tim arrived yesterday morning, things really took off! It was fantastic playing with such an amazing musician! He brought us all to the next level, musically, and it was great starting the day with such a burning set of tunes!

I also have to give a shout out to the engineer, Al. That guy was just awesome. It was great to have someone attentive and on top of everything going on in the studio. He made sure we had everything we needed to make the whole experience comfortable.

And, of course I can’t forget to thank my mom! She took time to drive Billy, his drums, myself and Candy to New York, and took care of things so we could focus on the music. She was great!

Now, I am taking a break from the project and giving myself time to breathe before determining what music to use and what to throw out. I’ll be getting together with a buddy of mine this weekend to start the mixing process. Very exciting stuff for sure.

Lastly, I want to add that it was one heck of a learning experience. Sometimes, the only way you can really learn how to do something is by diving in, and I am so thankful for all it’s taught me. I discovered the do’s and don’ts in effectively leading a band in a studio, and what an incredible responsibility it is. Thank God I have such easy-going friends. Everyone was super patient and super flexible, which made the whole process a breeze.

All in all, I had a fantastic time and learned a great deal, and I can’t wait to do it again!

Take care



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