The Measure You Give

Excited to be a part of a new Podcast on CMAX TV! Episode 2: “Music: Invention, Discovery, or Revelation?”

"CMAX Media brings you the original program, The Measure You Give: Music & Mystery, exploring the True, Good, & Beautiful in the media form of music. World-renowned pianist Justin Kauflin (Quincy Jones Artist and co-star with Clark Terry in the film “Keep on Keepin’ on”), joins Michael Kerry Williams (GM of and Executive Director of Tidewater Winds) and Tom Esposito (COO of CMAX Media and founder of Sacrata Dei Press) for 40 minutes of music, exploration, storytelling and even whimsical banter drawing out the gift and mystery, inspiration and theory, technique and philosophy of music. Whether you are a studied musician or just a casual music aficionado in the making, The Measure You Give promises to reawaken the spirit of wonder within, where the temporal meets the Divine. "

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The Measure You Give: Music and Mystery

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