The Hang featuring Music from Disney Songbook

Join me as I dig into some beloved tunes from the Disney songbook.  Forgive me for being corny, but there really is something magical about some of these tunes.  Check it out and see what songs make the cut on Wednesday, AUG 26 - 6 pm (PDT), 9 pm (EDT)

For Jazz fans, the music of Clark Terry, Mulgrew Miller and Derrick Hodge was featured the last 3 Wednesdays. Hope you enjoy!

And, as always, feel free to join me Sunday afternoons for "Hymns and Things." It's been a great way to reflect upon the past week and get a little respite from all that's going on. I hope it has been as useful to you as it has been for me!

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5:42 Someday My Prince Will Come (from Snow White)

9:32 Something's There (from Beauty and the Beast)

13:51 A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes (from Sleeping Beauty)

17:31 Color of the Wind (from Pocahontas)

21:37 Once Upon A Dream (from Cinderella)

24:49 Ellie's Badge (from Up)

26:35 When She Loved Me (from Toy Story 2)

29:55 Simba is Alive and Remember from Lion King

33:02 What A Dog (from Lady and the Tramp)

37:03 Remember Me (from Coco)

40:08 When you Wish Upon A Star (from Pinocchio)