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Ever since losing my sight completely, the way in which I experience my surroundings has been quite unique. Instead of everything going black, what I see in my mind's eye is extremely colorful and textured. Every moment is filled with an almost psychedelic swirl of blues, greens, reds, purples and gold against an expansive, seemingly endless backdrop of blacks and grays. On top of that is how the world around me influences those colors. When I enter a room, hear a sound or word, or listen to a live band, the spectrum of colors and textures in my mind shift slightly to associate with what I'm hearing. Needless to say, my world has become no less colorful since I went blind at 11. If anything, it has become more vibrant. When I set out to write music for this project, my goal was to "paint" a picture with sound. It's my attempt at reverse engineering my visual experience into a sonic pallet, where the instruments and timbres are the different colored paints. The title "Coming Home" deals with the many ways I've experienced "home" globally, and the compositions serve to illuminate the various emotions attached to each unique location. -JK


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Two aspects of my life took center stage when I lost my sight: My Catholic faith and music. Music has been an outlet through which I've been able to share my experiences, but most especially my relationship with Christ. Any time I've felt the need to pray, my first instinct has been to sit at the piano. I've never been great with words, so music has allowed me to simply be with God and present my prayers more purely. One wonderful gift of music is that it allows all of us to take a break and reflect on the things that are most important. When I'm at my best, God has been that focus. When adoring Christ, all worries and sorrows pale in comparison. This little Christmas project is an invitation to join me in a moment of prayer and meditation. It is a collection of improvisations and arrangements centered on Christ, and I sincerely hope it can bring a bit of peace and respite to those kind enough to listen. Merry Christmas and God bless. PS Just a side note about the artwork. I've asked my most favorite nieces and nephews to contribute their talents and they graciously accepted. A big thank you goes to Noah, Ashton, Zoe and Lana. -JK


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When first conceptualizing this project, I realized there was so much for which I am extremely grateful. It was then that I decided to dedicate this album to all the people who gave of themselves selflessly in order to help me along this journey. First and foremost, this album is dedicated to God. He is at the center and source of the music I create and I offer this music up to Him in praise and thanksgiving.  I'm truly grateful for my incredible family and friends. I am who I am, and where I am because of their love and support.   As a perpetual student, I have so many wonderful teachers for whom I am incredibly grateful. Thank you Suzanne Schreck, Virginia Koun, Liz Barnes, Jeff Smith, Chris Brydge, Woody Beckner, Jae Sinnett, John Toomey, Jimmy Masters, Harold Mabern and David Demsey. I am also eternally grateful for every second I was able to spend with the great Mulgrew Miller. Words cannot adequately express the gratitude I feel to have been in the presence of such a gentle and humble spirit. And, Cee Tee, thank you for sharing your beauty and joy with the world. I couldn't possibly thank you enough for everything you've given, but I will certainly try my best through my music and my life. Thank you, I love you, and God bless you. -JK

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Self-produced debut album

"With Introducing, Kauflin has immediately established himself as a stellar jazz player, composer, leader and producer. It is rare for a young musician to produce an album that displays the kind of music maturity in evidence here. He has a touch and imagination that is immensely appealing..." by Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz


"The young pianist has a touch that can only be characterized as 'sparkling', and he takes a rhythmic approach that pushes boundaries yet remains wholly coherent and accessible at all times" by Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz


"...Introducing is a testament to his remarkable artistry, wisdom and faith. His sense of faith in himself, the power of music, as well as in God shines through on every track. So does his deep sense of humility and abundant passion for life" by Tom Robotham, VEER

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“Young US pianist Justin Kauflin and Danish bassist Thomas Fonnesbaek share the neurological condition known as synesthesia, in which the senses become mixed. For the two musicians, this means experiencing sounds as colors with their minds' eyes. They met in Copenhagen for the first time in 2015. Fonnesbaek recalls, "Besides being a meeting between Justin and myself, it was a meeting of cultures with many similarities and many inspiring differences that we could express through sound in the universal language of music. We quickly discovered that we also shared synesthesia, so that wound up being the title of the album." What the bassist reverently calls "a most treasured musical experience" was recorded over the course of two days. "Some of the original compositions were prepared in advance and some were improvised on the spot," he says. -Jazz in Europe

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As this is my first Christmas away from Candy girl, who is living full-time with my parents in VA, I wanted to dedicate this to her.  It's a few Christmas Classics in the solo piano format, but the thing I’m most proud of is the artwork so wonderfully done by my Goddaughter, Zoe (at age 5)! -JK 

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Exclusive live performance at EDYE Broad Stage in Santa Monica, CA.  

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