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2023  "After | life" Brian McCarthy

2023  "Acceptance"  Eddie Williams

2022   "Bypass"  Chris Brydge

            "Sun Song"  Chris Brydge

2021   "Healing Grace"  Compilation

2020  "Crossing the Water"  Chris Brydge

2018  "Sharing"  Thomas Fonnesbaek Trio

            "Americana Groove Project"  Jae Sinnett

2017   "Better Nature of our Ancestors"   Brian McCarthy

            "Codex"  Brian McCarthy

            "Off Beat"  Katie Thiroux

            "Music to Inspire" Compilations

2016  "Safe in Sound"  Rob Duguay (Songevity)

2015  "Keep On Keepin' On" Soundtrack

2014   "Subject to Change"  Jae Sinnett

2013  "When Trees Speak"  Jimmy Masters

            "See Dream Blues"  Rob Duguay

2012  "Still Standing"  Jae Sinnett

            "CT & WP: A Perfect Match" CT Ensemble

2011   "Old School Loyalty"  House & Sinnett

2010   "Theatre"  Jae Sinnett Trio

            "Roxy Coss"  Roxy Coss Quartet

2009   "A Night with the Jae Sinnett Trio (DVD)

2007  "Equilibrium"  Etan Haziza

2005  "The Sinnett Hearings"  Jae Sinnett

Film Scores

Film Scores
Education & Outreach


There are some guys that are vicious, uptight and evil ... and they sound vicious, uptight and evil!" -Cee Tee



Jazz Outreach



"....It was clear from the start that Justin had goals to accomplish, offering performance and dialogue that he believed would be most effective with university-age students; and he targeted perfectly ... They made our band room seem like the center of the jazz universe for those 90 minutes" -VCU Jazz

“Justin is a natural teacher with his honesty, sensitivity, temperament and ability to inspire" -Governor's School for the Arts

"Trinity students have the benefit of witnessing music-making at the highest level by visiting professional musicians like Kauflin.  It's valuable that students get to interact with artists so that they realize they are regular people.  An artist like Justin, who is only a few years older than the students, has a particular resonance" -Trinity IB Music


Assistive Programs & Technology

Justin was diagnosed with exudative retinopathy at 7 months of age and, after numerous surgeries, lost all vision by age 11.  He received braille (music, literary & math) instruction along with orientation & mobility in the public school system. 

During his time at William Paterson University, he received braille classical scores from the National Library Service of the Library of Congress, upon request and delivered free of charge.

He graduated summa cum laude from WPU and moved to Brooklyn, NY.  He decided to attend The Seeing Eye in Morristown, NJ to train, 24/7 for a month, with a black lab named Candy. Justin and Candy navigated through NYC's subways and sidewalks, and on trains, busses, and planes stateside and abroad. Candy quietly attended every performance and recording session for an incredible 12 years.

Descriptive Video Services (DVS) makes the whole 'movie-going' experience enjoyable, and increasingly more companies are incorporating DVS to make shows accessible to the blind (Netflix). The ADA Act (Americans with Disabilities) has made travel and restaurant-going less prohibitive, though most car services and taxis in NY do not abide by it! The U.S. Department of State 'Jazz Ambassadorship,' which incorporated "Disability Awareness" into their Jazz Week Tour, sends an encouraging note to countries lacking assistive programs along with world-class jazz performances and student workshops. In addition to these services & programs, companies like Apple (built-in screen readers & GPS on their phones), Native Instruments/Komplete Kontrol & Avid Sibelius (accessible music production & software) have enabled Justin to live, travel and work as independently, safely and enjoyably as possible.

Justin Kauflin on accessibility & NKS

Video:  Watch as JK talks about new controls while working with Quincy Jones & Derrick Hodge.

A Look Into the Mind of Justin Kauflin

Video:  What jazz has done for Justin & what he hopes to contribute

Conversation with Justin Kauflin

Video:  Q&A at the Library of Congress

Harnessing Freedom

Video:  The Seeing Eye has been providing guide dogs for nearly 100 years

American Days

Video:  Clip 1 of Justin speaking to students in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

American Days (pt.2)

Video  Clip 2 of Justin speaking to students

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