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CD Personnel - Billy, Phil & Etan

So, the big news is the CD. I’m really excited to head into the studio next month with my new band. It took some time, but I finally feel as ready as I’m going to be to go ahead and get this thing done.

The plan is to record in a few different configurations. The core group will include myself on piano, Billy Williams on drums, and Phil Kuehn on the bass. We’ll also be having Etan Haziza come in on the guitar to form a quartet for some of the tracks. If everything works out, some other special guests will be coming in. I’ll be sure to post more about that as the session gets closer and people’s schedules get confirmed. I really couldn’t ask for a better line up of musicians.

I’ve been playing with Billy ever since I started learning how to play jazz, so this was a no-brainer. It’s always been a blast playing with him and nobody has pushed me to grow musically more than Billy. Every time I play with him, he challenges me to step up my game and has done so since we began gigging together in 2002.

I got the opportunity to start playing with Etan when I started studying at William Paterson University. I’ve always enjoyed his compositions a great deal, and I’ve learned a lot about how to be a good writer from him. He’s not only a great composer, but he has really developed a great sound on the nylon string guitar. I’m really pumped to get in the studio and record some of his tunes.

I've been hearing Phil play for a while now and have always been dying to play with him. He blows me away every time I hear him playing around the New York City area. I was thrilled to hear that he was willing to do the session, and I knew he was the perfect choice when we rehearsed for the first time a couple of weeks ago. We had a great time playing, and I know we’ll have a blast in the studio next month.

So, about the music… I’ve compiled a few of my own compositions I feel strongly about, and I hope you’ll enjoy them. I’ll be sure to post some of the files from the upcoming rehearsals so you can get a snap shot of what we’re working on. We’ll also be tackling some of Etan’s tunes that I really love playing. In addition to our own tunes, I plan to record a number of arrangements I’ve written over the last few years. These will include a couple Beatles covers, as well as some arrangements of my favorite hymns. It wouldn’t be my CD if I didn’t include some worship! I’m sure once the session gets closer, some other things will pop up as well, but this is what we have so far.

Well, be sure to check back frequently, as I’ll continue to post more about what’s going on. I’ll also be posting some tracks in the “listen” section of the website in case you’re interested in checking that out. It’s really been a blast getting ready to record my first album, and I hope you’ll join me in this process.

Take Care and Blessings,


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