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Come Hang with Me

As life shifted due to the pandemic, I quickly realized I’d already been doing a pretty good job at self-quarantining.  I’ve always been a bit of a homebody, so when the government told us all to stay home, I thought, "Sounds good.”  Though, I must admit, the overall emotional and mental toll this drastic shift in society is taking, is certainly no small challenge.

I’ve been brainstorming on how to stay active in this new climate, and landed on something with which I feel ok.  When I lost my sight completely, there were three elements in my life that allowed me to turn what could have been a time of turmoil and depression, to a relatively smooth transition into the life I have now.  These three factors were my faith, my family, and the piano.  Anytime I felt any emotions at all, I gravitated towards prayer and practice.  Some of my most cherished musical memories are playing with no agenda late at night for myself, but most especially for God.  It’s something I’d like to try to bring back in my own life.

     Since everyone and their brother are posting live-streams, I figure I’ll go ahead and add my noise to the din.  Though, like before, no agenda.  I simply love to sit at the piano to help vent emotions and petitions that I don’t otherwise know how to share.  If this is something you might find beneficial in your own journey through this extraordinary time, please feel free to join me anytime...simply as a place to hang or something to play in the background while you do your own thing. 

As there’s no real structure, each video could be pretty much anything...covers, meditations, hymns, maybe some collaborations, whatever. I'll be uploading regularly, so be sure to subscribe to Justin Kauflin YouTube Channel (Quarantine Video Series).



ps. By the way, a very good friend and teacher, who happens to be a fantastic bassist and composer released his debut cd on BandCamp. It was a lot of fun and I think the end result does the music justice.  Thanks Chris for letting me be a part of it! "Crossing the Water" by Chris Brydge

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Mark Miller
14 abr 2020

Thank you, Justin. Beautiful and calming. Stay well. Best , Mark

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