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Christmas CD & a note from Quincy Jones

We’re coming up on my favorite time of year, and I realize it’s been way too long since my last update! My apologies for the silence, and I hope your year has been a joyful and productive one. Mine certainly has been full of new experiences and I’m extremely grateful for the amazing places I’ve visited and wonderful people I’ve met.

Chris Smith, Billy Williams, Imani-Grace Cooper and I had an unforgettable time during our residency at Q’s Bar and Lounge in Dubai. It was a real treat making music with such talented and gracious performers. We played three shows a night, five nights a week, and it gave us all an opportunity to grow in so many ways. Performing in such a world class venue night after night was a blessing, and the accommodations weren’t bad either! If you ever find yourself in Dubai, be sure to stop by the Palazzo Versace Dubai. You won’t regret it!

After re-uniting with my girl Candy for a couple weeks, it was off to Europe for a short tour and recording session. Billy Williams, Thomas Fonnesbak and I enjoyed some great shows and audiences in London, Amsterdam, and Schloss-Elmau, Germany. I’m still so amazed and grateful for this gift of sharing music with folks from all over!

To wrap up the European tour, we headed to Sweden to record a trio album for the Danish record label, Storyville. We had a great time bringing some of Thomas’s compositions to life, and can’t wait to get the cd out there. In the meantime, feel free to check out our duo effort called Synesthesia, which features contributions from both Thomas and myself.

And something very exciting for me: I will be releasing my first ever solo piano Christmas project this Friday. It’s a collection of traditional hymns, classic Christmas standards, and some of my own meditative improvisations all centered on Christ. I wanted to create something to provide respite from the craziness that is in our lives these days. I hope you’ll check it out and find a bit of peace. The digital version will be available on Friday and the physical cd is available for pre-order now.

That’ll do it for now. I sincerely hope all the very best for you this Holiday season, and look forward to catching up in person in 2018!



"Sometimes, life takes unexpected turns, & we often find ourselves in painful situations that we never could have prepared ourselves for. We all have different "curve balls" & some may have more than others...however, I truly believe that with the right attitude, the very thing that was supposed to destroy you can become the very thing that makes you. For me, it was the multiple aneurysms I've had that forced me stop & focus on what's truly important in life...For my dear brother Justin Kauflin, it was losing his sight that forced him to stop, rely on his relationship with God, & pursue a life creating music that would inspire others. I'm SO proud of Justin for creating this absolutely stunning Christmas album as a representation of his journey to find peace in any situation he encounters...I also always love to see our artists collaborating with each other, so it makes my soul smile to hear Jacob Collier featured on the title track, "Silent Night"...Well, anyways, I hope that during this holiday season (especially when things may not always be 100%), you can try to find purpose in your pain & use it as fuel to encourage those around you...So, thank you Justin for gifting us with your music & encouraging us to Keep On Keepin' On!" - Quincy Jones


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