Euro Tour Part Deux


I hope September treated you well wherever you might have been. I was fortunate enough to experience the Fall weather, along with Candy and the Trio, in all sorts of places. We had a great time performing all over the U.S and want to thank all the folks who came out to hang! I can't tell you how exciting it is to share new music with such warm and receptive crowds. You all are beautiful!

I'm writing to you from home in VA, where I'm catching my breath, doing laundry, re-packing bags and heading back out to Europe with the Trio. We're looking forward to visiting new spots, and sharing music and good vibes with new friends! If you're in any of these cities, we'd love to see you!

And, if we haven't gotten to your area yet, we're always working to add performances in new locations. So fingers crossed, we'll get to hang with you soon! Until then, all my best and God bless.

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