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Happy New Year!

Hope you’ve been able to enjoy a time of refreshment and revitalization as we enter into a New Year.  I’m extremely grateful for all the new avenues opening this past year, especially in the teaching capacity.  It has been so meaningful for me to return to the Governor’s School for the Arts, and I’m excited to share that the concert series, "GSA Jazz Night" has been going really well so far.  I can’t wait to present more of my favorite people and musicians in the next few months.  Additionally, our jazz students take the stage on January 18, so I hope you can make it out if you’re in the area.


In February, I'll be heading back out on the road with my good friend, Thomas Fonnesbaek in Denmark & Sweden.  It’s always a fun time making music with Thomas, and I know this coming trip will be no exception. A recording made during my last trip was released this past year, "Danish Rain," our third duo release.

In March, I'm thrilled to be presenting a unique group at "the Z," Zeider's American Dream Theater in Virginia Beach, VA.  I’ll be sharing more info regarding this very special performance as it approaches. Grab your tickets here in the meantime!


Again, thanks to all who have been supporting the GSA Jazz Concert Series. It's always exciting to play for a SRO crowd! And, to all who tuned in to the Christmas Livestream Hang, thank you!


Peace and Happy New Year!




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