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Justin Kauflin presents Thomas Fonnesbaek

Justin Kauflin on piano, Thomas Fonnesbaek on bass.  Photo by Mark Robbins
Justin Kauflin present Thomas Fonnesbaek

For the third Jazz Night we went "international!" and featured my good friend and amazing bassist all the way from Copenhagen, Denmark, Thomas Fonnesbaek.


Thank you to everyone coming out, it was another very full house and it was good to see former teachers and jazz-loving friends from all over! 

Again, special thanks to Dr. Shelly Cihak, Deborah Thorpe, Amanda Gates, Stephen Coxe and Roy Muth for allowing me to do this! And, to Mark Robbins for the b&w photos! (Mark Robbins Photography @what_my_camera_heard on Instagram and Facebook)

Read: All About Jazz article "Justin Kauflin and Thomas Fonnesbaek at the Governor's School for the Arts" by Mark Robbins


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