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Exploring in July: Latvia, Copenhagen, and Montreux with Quincy Jones

Well, back at it once again! Bags are packed and flying out tonight. I'm very excited to be visiting some new places as well as revisiting some old favorites. And, I'll be honest with you, I still can't believe I get to do this! Sharing something I love with so many folks from all over...It really is a blessing, and I am so grateful for your support and encouragement for making it possible!!

This time I'm heading to Latvia to participate in the Rigas Ritmi Festival for a solo performance and also joining trumpeter James Morrison and the Latvian Big Band.

Then it's off to the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and Montreux to spend time with Quincy and the crew.

Finally, I'll be joined by two outstanding musicians for trio concerts in Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Thomas Fonnesbaek will be joining me on bass, and Howard Curtis will be on drums. I've had the pleasure of meeting and performing with Thomas in Copenhagen, and it's always been a thrill to share the stage with him. He's an extraordinary musician and a great human being!

I'm especially excited to have Howard join the trio for this tour as I've been a big fan of his ever since I started learning how to play jazz. Howard is also from the Virginia area, and I took every chance I got to watch him play while in high school. I'm very much looking forward to this reunion and I know the music will be fantastic!

So, for my friends in Europe, hope to see you out there! And for all the US friends, I'll be back later this month for some special gigs in NYC, which I'm also quite excited about!

Last, but not least, a big thanks to Mom and Dad for watching over Candy while she enjoys her vacation in Virginia while I run around Europe!

That'll do it for me now. Thanks again for everything and I look forward to catching up with you at the next show!


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