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The thing I love about recording a new album is it allows me to take a snapshot of significant moments in my life and communicate those experiences and emotions through music.

While contemplating this, what stands out most is what I would identify as "home." For the most part, that would be Virginia Beach, VA. However, the past few years has taken me around the globe and I've come to realize that wherever I'm headed next IS home. I've grown to love and cherish each new and uniquely beautiful city as such and hope to reflect that appreciation on each track of my new CD.

I am also fascinated with how to portray my preternatural world experiences. Despite being totally blind, the world around me can have a vibrant, colorful and ethereal landscape; be it the particular timbre and pitch of an instrument, the sound of someone's voice or the sound of a city in all it's multitude of activities...they all contribute to this collage of colors and shades conjured up in my imagination.

My goal is two-fold with this project. I aim to explore and share the emotional connection I've developed for my new "homes," as well as using an expanded palette of sounds to show how I experience each in my mind's eye.

Mastering has now been completed and we're expecting a release in the Fall 2018!

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