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Dedication CD: NYC Release Party

Justin Kauflin and Candy profiles


"When first conceptualizing this project, I realized there was so much for which I am extremely grateful. It was then that I decided to dedicate this album to all the people who gave of themselves selflessly in order to help me along this journey.

First and foremost, this album is dedicated to God. He is at the center and the source of the music I create. At the same time, I offer this music up to Him in praise and thanksgiving. The music I make is a direct reflection of who I am, and I would be nothing without Christ as the source of inspiration.

I am truly grateful for my incredible family and friends. I am who I am, and where I am because of their love and support. This album is especially dedicated to Mary, Christine, Peg, Kathleen, Phil and Jim.

As a perpetual student, I have so many wonderful teachers for which I am incredibly thankful. Thank you Suzanne Schreck, Virginia Koun, Liz Barnes, Jeff Smith, Chris Brydge, Woody Beckner, Jae Sinnett, John Toomey, Jimmy Masters, Harold Mabern and David Demsey.

I am also eternally grateful for every second I was able to spend with the great Mulgrew Miller. Words cannot adequately express the gratitude I feel to have been in the presence of such a gentle and humble spirit.

And, finally, Cee Tee, thank you for sharing your beauty and joy with the world. I couldn't possibly thank you enough for everything you've given, but I will certainly try my best through my music and my life. Thank you, I love you, and God bless you!"


The Justin Kauflin Quartet with Billy Williams, Chris Smith and Matthew Stevens had a blast performing songs from the new CD, "Dedication" at the best jazz club in the world, The Jazz Standard. We had a sold-out first set, and want to thank the almost full house for coming out to the late set on a Tuesday nite! Great audiences, and just as great staff and food!

The CD debuted at number 6 on CMJ and number 10 on Billboard's Traditional Jazz Charts and currently at number 4 on JazzWeek! So huge thanks to everyone for your support!


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