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Denmark Tour

 In 2014, Billy Williams and I headed out to play at Denmark’s renowned jazz club Jazzhus Montmartre. We were to be joined by a Danish bass player I had not met before named Thomas Fonnesbaek. I don’t think Billy or I had any idea of what we were in for that weekend! From the moment we started rehearsing before our first night at the club, I knew we had a connection.

Since then, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of making music with Thomas all over Europe. There has always been a great sense of joy and freedom with this trio, and I’m delighted to share that Thomas’ newest CD, “Sharing” features this group playing some outstanding compositions by Thomas. I feel that the vibe we've shared while traveling is perfectly captured on this release, and strongly encourage you to check it out to get a glimpse into the fun we’ve been having these last few years.