Duo Concert with John Toomey

2016 started off with a bang in NYC with Quincy Jones and Co...and continued on to the west coast. Many thanks to the good folks at Wallis-Annenburg, Contrapuntal Hall & Bacchus' Kitchen, and Rochester Inst. of Tech on the east! I'm gearing to head back west, but first, a rare appearance in my hometown this Friday.

"An Evening of Jazz Piano Duets" All proceeds benefit the Claire Cucchiari-Loring Music Scholarship. I'm really excited to be joining such an excellent pianist and great teacher, John Toomey. Come out if you can!

It was great having both Quincy Jones and Al Hicks, director of Keep On Keepin' On, at the Wallis for the Q&A, and Q's presence once again at Contrapuntal Hall. Thank you, Sir!

And, head's up for the end of the month. We'll be in Moscow, Idaho for the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival! Feb. 24-27.

I've been forgetting to mention my trusty Seeing Eye dog, Candy girl!! So, here's a shout out to her! She had a nice little vacay between gigs on the West Coast. She works hard and definitely deserved it...she is the BEST service dog EVER!

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