Jazz Night House Concerts

Over the last few years, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to play at some really amazing venues all over the world, from concert halls to small clubs. One particular type of venue that has been a great deal of fun in which to perform has been the House Concert.  There’s an intimacy and much more comfortable vibe that allows for a whole new type of concert to emerge.  Thanks to the incredible graciousness of my parents, we’re opening up my childhood home as a sort of experiment for us!

For my inaugural Virginia Beach House Concert, I’m extremely excited to be joined by two individuals who had a tremendous impact on my early development in jazz: Woody Beckner and Chris Brydge.  I was fortunate to spend time learning from Woody and Chris at the Governor’s School, where their lessons still influence the way I make music today.  My hope is to feature the music we all collectively dig as well as featuring some of our own compositions. 

It should be a really fun evening!



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