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Remembering Grandma Julie

While spending the last few days reminiscing on the incredible, strong, feisty, faithful, generous, brilliant, independent, and loving woman that was Grandma Julie, I realized there are so many wonderful memories.  

I was talking with my sister, and we both have this wonderful image of Grandma sitting in her big black leather swivel chair in her living room with her glasses perched on her nose, reading her daily prayers.  The game was to try and figure out if she was awake or not.  I cherish this image of Grandma sitting peacefully in her chair, praying or napping.  She was so incredibly devout in the purest sense of the word.  

Julia Nagao was a blessing to whomever she encountered and I take great comfort knowing she’s continuing her daily prayers with her beloved Philip.  Thank you, Grandma for EVERYTHING! We all love and miss you so much.

Here's to YOU, Grandma Julie! Rest easy,


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